Curriculum Vitae


M.A., Comparative Studies, Classics Emphasis

Brigham Young University (BYU), April 2011; Cumulative G.P.A.; Cumulative G.P.A. 3.66/4.00

Thesis: “From Obscurity to Fame and Back Again: The Caecilii Metelli in the Roman Republic” (270 pp. + xiv)


B.A., Classical Studies, Classics Emphasis

Brigham Young University, December, 2008


Applicable courses:

Latin 111, 201 (Caesar), 301 (Vergil/Ovid), 302 (Cicero/Sallust), 311 (Vulgate), 321 (Latin Composition), 430 (Livy), Latin 620R (Latin Poets), Latin 625R (Caesar), Latin 625R (Livy)

Greek 101, 102, 201 (Xenophon), 301 (Homer), 302 (Plato), 430 (Herodotus)

Classical Civilization 110 (Greek/Roman Lit.), 241 (Greek/Roman Myth), 246 (Golden Age of Rome), 304 (Greek History), 307 (Roman History)

Classics 430R Seminars: Piracy in the Ancient World; The Roman Revolution; Early Rome & the Etruscans; Classical Historiography

Comparative Studies Seminar: Alexander and Divine Kingship



Graduate Research Fellowship, BYU, 2011

Office of Research & Creative Opportunities (ORCA) Fellowship, BYU, 2008


Publications & Presentations:

“The locus amoenus as a Voice of Discontent: The Reception of Homeric Landscape in Roman Imperial Epic”, Humanities Education and Research Association (HERA) annual conference, March 2011.

“Perception as Reality: The Intersection of Genre and Ethnic Identity in Classical History” Studia Antiqua 9.1 (2011).

“Matrimonium, Factio, et Auctoritas: Metellan Family Dynamics & Dominance in the Late Roman Republic.” Tabulae (2008).

“Exempla Augusto: Allusions and Warnings in Ab Urbe Condita, I.” Studia Antiqua 6.1 (2008).


Applicable Experience:

President-Elect, Utah Classical Association, March 2013–

      Dean of Students: Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy, July 2013–Present

      Teacher: Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy, Sept. 2010–Present


Socratic Seminar (9th Grade, 2010–Present)

Latin I (2010–Present)

Latin II (2011–Present)

Latin III (2012–Present)

AP Latin (213–Present)

Classical & Norse Mythology (12th Grade, 2011–Present)


Instructor: ClCv 110: Introduction to Greek & Roman Literature, BYU, Fall 2008–Winter 2011


Teaching/Research Assistant: Dr. Eric D. Huntsman, BYU; Dr. Cecilia M. Peek, BYU

August 2006–Dec 2008          January 2008–December 2009


Classical Civ. 110 (Greek & Roman Literature)

Classical Civ. 201 (Greece through Renaissance)

Classical Civ. 241 (Greek & Roman Mythology)

Classical Civ. 304 (Greek History)

Classical Civ. 307 (Roman History)

Taught numerous different subjects when requested/required

Developed, created, and formatted class presentations

Created and graded quizzes/exams/papers

Held review sessions for quizzes/exams & provided one-on-one student consultations

Assisted in researching and writing


Varsity Soccer Coach: Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy, Sept. 2010–Present


President of Youth Organization & Youth Advisor, LDS Church & Boy Scouts of America            


Oversee a group of 30 local young men and 3 other adult leaders

Empower young men by teaching responsibility and accountability

Preside at and conduct weekly advisor training meetings

Instruct young men in leadership skills

Act as a resource and sounding board for youth-driven activities and ideas

Facilitate high adventure activities & campouts

Assist youth leaders in teaching leadership skills to others


Full-time Volunteer Representative, Italy, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints                 


Instructed skill development to other full-time representatives

Developed speaking/presentation skills

Responsible for coordinating conferences & language training

Assisted in dispensing humanitarian aid


Areas of Research/Interest:

Metellan family

Middle & Late Roman Republican prosopography

Greek & Latin historiography

Epic poetry

Reception of Classical themes & literature in modern popular culture